ANA Aftermath; P&L Evaluation

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Greetings Everyone,

Right after the completion of ANA convention, we, ANA Team, have been admired, appreciated, revered, and even criticized and detested for our work. Looking upon the brighter side, we embraced them all as we make space to improve us for next time.

Firstly, My greatest gratitude goes out to our hard working coordinators for successfully completing of the mega event. Thank You for your tireless efforts on managing the show. I appreciate our volunteers, participants, and guests for giving your precious time, showcasing talents, and sharing information at the convention. Furthermore, I cannot go further without thanking our dearest sponsors. They are the greatest individuals and vendors who believed us, our work, and were generous enough to grant the significant amount in support of ANA convention. I am very grateful to our Media Partners:,,,,, Radioactive, NST, NepalDristi, EverestRadio,,, HamroSamaj,,,,, Motherland Nepal, Sagarmatha Television, Himali Sworharu, Nepali Magazine, Nepal11Radio, Radio Yuva, and White Himal. They helped us making our message available to all of you through their mediums. Preparing the historic event is an intense process. There is a lot that goes into it. Without the collaborations from these guys, Texas ANA probably would not have happened. But, together, we managed to perform it just fine.

Together, we have established the preliminary prototype for further ANA Conventions. “Texas ANA chapter” have formed in Texas for the first time. This is a huge accomplishment in our community. Thus, at this point, I am safe to say that 30th convention is the most successful and profitable convention that ever happened in the history of ANA. We admit that, the convention may not have met all the expectations from every individual, but it was not so bad after all. We have left off the convention with remarkable accomplishments. Texas ANA Convention initiated the incorporation of kids’ events like “Supernova, Quiz contest, Spelling Bee, and Kids Forum. The forums were highlighted to enlighten and aware youths. As a result, we saw better forum attendance than expected. Likewise, we encouraged sports by giving away more than $35,000 prizes and shields incentives for sports teams. “ANA Buddy Running Shield” has come to exist for the first time his year. The legacy will be inherited as the framework for future conventions.

This convention has made all of us grown as an individual, leader, and social activists. ANA, itself, has grown member wise and economy wise. We know that from the financial analysis of 30th convention. And, it shows we have generated $27,296.73 profits for ANA. Needless to say, ANA is thriving and becoming bigger over time. It’s blooming, it’s rising, but it couldn’t have happened without your unceasing support of three decades.

Here is the financial report “STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES” presented by ANA Convention 2012 Chief Financial Officer, Bandana Hamal.

Description Amount
Cash Collection From Ticket Selling and Registration
Day 1 7,445.00
Day 2 18,769.81
Day 3 8,204.92
PayPal Collection (Registration, Ticket Selling and Sponsors) 43,356.00
Fund Raise and Sponsor 74,188.00
Total Revenue and Support 151,963.73
Fashion Extravaganza 5,440.00
Sports Expenses and Prizes 35,345.23
Culture and Entertainment AV 36,101.77
Supernova 341.21
Opening Ceremony 252.75
Administrative Expenses 34,317.33
Security 8,324.00
Forum 1,128.00
Spelling Bee/Quiz 2,916.71
Poetry Competition 500.00
Total Expenses 124,667.00
Changes in Net Assets 27,296.73
Donation to NST 7,500.00
Total Remaining Assets 19,796.73

DISCLAIMER: All supporting documents will be submitted to ANA Interim President and Chief Financial Officer. Contact for further information.

Pasang Lama
Chief Coordinator ANA Convention 2012

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