ANA Interim President’s message – 30th ANA-Texas Convention

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Tsewang Sherpalama Namaste & Tashideley.

ANA had its own share of downturn for a short time. Together, collectively and in accordance to the law of the land we (the members of the ANA) have navigated our beloved organization with a history of 29 years to a stronger ANA then ever. On behalf of the Interim executive committee of ANA, I thank past presidents, past and present executive officers, past and present members and the Nepalise Media for guiding me and my team every step of the way during ANA’s trouble, past. Thank you to all from the bottom of my heart.

Now, we are moving forward in faith, and looking around in awareness without the biases of anger and fear. Yes, this is easier said than done. After all, we are emotional beings who tend to hold on to the baggage of past hurts, projecting them into the present and future. However, your support inspires me and my team as we are about to embark on a journey that will take ANA beyond the map, a journey that will require us to embrace change, new ways of thinking and acting for the betterment of our beloved organization, the Association of Nepalise in the Americas (ANA).

I hope the next ceiling in ANA is the sky, a sky where wise guide the young without dictating their creativity and young seek advise from the wise without offending their intelligence. We want an ANA sky where all Nepalise people of any backgrounds fit in and help shape this great organization for a greater benefit of Nepal and Nepalis all over the globe. We want an ANA where people of non-Nepali origin too can experience the Nepali hospitality. We want to build an ANA, where sky is the limit. With this in mind, we appeal to all, especially to the young and creative minds to join the journey of limitless ANA sky.

Thanks to a team effort lead by ANA Financial officer Mr. Laxman Pradhan that ANA is now in full legal compliance required under the laws. Major issues have been accomplished and some minor issues remain to be rectified in regards to bringing ANA’s financial recording to full Non-profit compliance. I thank to all those who cooperated in our efforts, and urge to others to cooperate and comply with the law in this regards, and not force us to seek legal action in this regards in the court.

With the celebration of a new and stronger ANA, lets talk about the journey I and my team are embarking on where I and my team want each and every one of you to travel with us beyond the map our leaders have traveled laying a path that made it easier for us to navigate. But we are stepping out a little further, making new paths; a path where all is equal stakeholder in the ANA, and most importantly, young at hear lead the future of the ANA.

ANA is proud to continue the legacy of the July 4th Convention, this year in Dallas Texas, under the Chairmanship/s of Mr. Dhiren Gurung (past General Secretary) and Mr. Mahendra Paudyal a dynamite Nepali community leader. Unlike in the past, this convention is being organized under the banner of ANA-Texas Chapter with the headship of Interim Secretary and ANA Event Co-coordinator Mr. Pasang Lama, a young bright Nepali entrepreneur and ANA-Texas Chapter team members. All works for the convention is in full forward swing. This 3-day convention will be dedicated in moving forward ANA with One Dream, One Community and One Grand Event. Therefore in this context, we appeal to all people of Nepali origins in the USA to contribute for this convention in your own way, in small or big way, by being a volunteer or spectator, or simply being there to cherish the memory of this grand event.

I will close by quoting Rabindranath Tagore “I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” I hope to have the privilege to say a beautiful Namaskar & Tashideley to all of you, and blessed with joy to join wonderful Nepali at heart at the convention.

Thank you!

Tsewang Sherpalama, NY
Interim President, ANA

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