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Dear Nepalese community:

After the successful, the 30th ANA Convention – Dallas, Texas, coordinating the Grand opening Ceremony and Security Coordinator it is my responsibility to inform the 30th ANA Convention committee and all Nepalese communities that we received dozens of wonderful comments, good feedback and several suggestion from Nepalese communities throughout the United States for a well organized ceremony. We were praised for having variety of ethnic groups and individuals from major Nepalese community who were involved in making the 30th ANA Convention Dallas, Texas 2012 different from past ANA conventions. We also received good wishes from a fellow Newah, very successful business man from New York. He praised us for having the Newah society (NNA-DFW) and its role in putting together Newari culture such as Kumari (living Goddess), the Traditional Newari Outfit Exhibit, the Puncha-Kanya; Newah Dhime Baja; Lakhy Dance (Demon); and Pulikesi. The Kumari makeup was very well equipped and was exceptionally beautiful.

The security provided was very intact and the convention ended successfully without an incident. With well mobilized security personal, they were visible ready to deal with all sorts of situation throughout the convention. One commented, “Perhaps, this is first time on the ANA convection where there was not a single incident occurred.” Everyone who attended had a sense of being safe and secure. However, with few minor communication gaps between sport event location and security personal few mishaps did occur. We take this as learning opportunity and we will learn from out mistakes so it won’t happen in the future.

I thank you very much for attending Grand Opening Ceremony and the 30th Mega-ANA Convention – Dallas, Texas 2012 for making the convention very successful event.

My special thanks to Anil Manandhar for assisting me on all occasion throughout the Convention. Tripur Manandhar for Preparing the Newah Dhemi Baja; Mahindra Manandhar & Bijay Bajracharya for designed driver for young participants; Sunita Manandhar for well dressed-Make-up of the Kumari. Also, thanks to Laxmi Adhikari, Santa Adkikari, and Parajuli Tunganath for well-come National song group keeping in on the line. Mr. Tunganath, I salute you for your dedication and hard work in gathering young kids and for preparing the welcome-National song. Thank you sir: At last but not least, I want thank my wife, Sabina Gamal for gathering all the necessary dresses and dressing up the participants and putting-up with me throughout the ANA convention preparation.

Once again, I thank you to all ethnic Groups, organizations and individuals whom participated on the Grand Opening Ceremony for their, hard work and dedication, and thanks to all of you who participated and their parents for their unconditional support. Without their support it would have been impossible.

Ram L. Gamal
Grand Opening Ceremony / Security Coordinator
The 30th ANA Convention – Dallas, Texas /
One Dream, One Community And One Event For All in One ANA

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